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Under the Dome: Black Ice

               The cold was setting in and Chester’s Mill was having a Frozen experience. The egg was being poked and prodded in Zenith, causing more and more problems for Melanie, so Sam and Junior rushed her to the high school where people were gathering to escape the cold and destruction caused by the earthquake. Big Jim and Pauline arrived at the school looking for the way out, though Pauline was still upset with him. They made it to the locker only to find a very angry Julia and Barbie who informed them that the way out was gone thanks to Big Jim. Big Jim tried to justify his actions, then left, as Rebecca came over, prepping for the injuries coming in and the severely decreasing temperature. In spite of the weather, Joe, Norrie and Hunter went out to the dome to see if losing the egg changed things. Joe put his hand on the dome, only to have it get stuck to the freezing dome as the dome rotated downward. After he got free, the kids immediately ran to the school to check in and inform Rebecca of the moving dome, while Hunter stayed behind to continue researching. She realized the rotation was causing the weather changes, and it was only going to get worse.

               Rebecca and Julia discussed a plan to deal with the current state of things, so while Rebecca would take care of people at the high school, Julia and Barbie would take an ambulance to the diner to get some food. As they were driving, Julia got up to secure a gurney, just as they hit a patch of ice, overturning the ambulance and causing a rod to impale Julia’s leg. Afraid to remove it and have her bleed out, Barbie was set to wait until someone came looking, until the engine ran out. He refused to leave Julia, so wrapped in a blanket, they cuddled up to wait for rescue. The time alone allowed Julia to finally confront Barbie about his growing anger and lack of hope. But as it got colder, the glass began freezing over, and the window above them shattered. Julia insisted he leave, but Barbie realized that Julia freezing would stop her heart so he could remove the rod safely, and then bring her back. They removed the blanket and Julia’s heart began to slow. When it stopped, Barbie pulled out the rod, picked her up, and then rushed to the diner. Once inside he placed her by a stove, opened it and turned it on to help warm her up. As he performed CPR, he begged her to wake up and come back to him, and she began breathing again.

               Pauline and Big Jim finally had it out, as Pauline finally told Jim off about his hero complex and twisted feelings. She then went to see Melanie, the first time in 25 years, and apologized for what they did all those years ago. She promised to stay with her, to finish what they had started, as Melanie began to seize.

               Big Jim tried to get Junior to talk to his mother on his behalf, but Junior didn’t want to help. He admitted to knowing his mom was alive a week earlier and he was also angry about Big Jim’s decision to throw the egg over the cliff. In trying to defend his actions, Big Jim said that he didn’t know the earthquake would start when the egg went over, and Junior realized Melanie’s declining condition was related. He rushed to Melanie, and pointed out to Sam and Pauline, that Melanie’s seizing was connected to the egg.

               Hunter finally arrived at the school with frostbite, and after Rebecca bandaged him up, he quizzed Joe and Norrie about the egg and its tendency to zap people, but not everyone. Joe was suspicious, but Tom ran in with his wife, begging for help. Sam was unable to save her and then the power went out as the generator had run out of fuel. Big Jim headed out to find more fuel, as Rebecca took charge to keep everyone warm. Junior and Pauline’s talk about people messing with the egg causing Melanie’s state, upset Norrie, so Hunter ran after her. While Hunter was with Norrie, Joe went through his stuff, finding messages to Don Barbara and his guards on the outside. Hunter tried to comfort Norrie, who was distraught. She revealed to him that only a few people could touch the egg safely and they were all inside the dome, so she didn’t have much hope of helping Melanie.

               Big Jim had scoured the town, until finally checking boats by the lake. He was lucky to find some fuel and then heard someone in the water calling for help. It wasn’t until he pulled them in that he saw he had saved Lyle who had finally resurfaced. Once in the car, Lyle told Big Jim he saw the end of days and it was coming, but Jim was skeptical. He brought Lyle to the high school and tried once more to apologize to Pauline, and this time she was a bit more receptive.

               As morning came, Joe noticed that it was warming outside, but Rebecca knew everything wasn’t right yet. When he turned around, he realized Hunter was gone, so he and Norrie took after him to find out what he was really up to. They found him by the dome, communicating with guards on the other side. After the guards left, they confronted him, and he confessed to working with the guards because they threatened him, but he was trying to help. He showed them the last message, which told the guards to leave the egg alone. Just as they were beginning to believe him, the dome let out a screech. When it stopped they saw the dome had stopped rotating, but then it began to move inward, contracting on them.

               This episode made me wonder, has anyone in town dealt with the cold before. Seriously, it seemed like no one owned a winter coat, or gloves and scarves for that matter. They were walking around in light sweaters and sweatshirts. How cold do their winters normally get, like Florida weather? I’m a New England girl and I own a very thick winter coat and several pairs of gloves. It might be summer, but unless you transferred your winter clothes to storage, you should still be able to retrieve them if need be. No one was prepared for weather below 50. I understand Joe walking around in his jean jacket, his house did collapse, but Julia and Rebecca live in town. Don’t they own any winter clothes?  Besides my frustration over the lack of winter fashion (I have no sympathy for shivering if you only have on 2 layers), the moving dome is troublesome, especially now that it is shrinking. I wonder if the dome’s action are in reaction to the treatment of the egg. If so, if it is left alone, will the dome stop moving, or is a bigger fix needed to save Chester’s Mill. As long as Big Jim doesn’t try to fix it, it can’t get  worse, right? Until tonight …

Witches of East End: Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake

               Relationships were heating up, if only to slow right back down. Frederick was working with Tarkoff to find a vessel for the king’s spirit and it was not going well. Tarkoff believed that maybe random was the problem, they needed someone they know, someone who trusts them, but Frederick was hesitant, so after their latest failed attempt, he headed home. Joanna had been preparing for Freya’s birthday, which started with breakfast pancakes. Freya was less than thrilled about her birthday, especially the party later, and when Joanna and Wendy couldn’t do much to lift her spirits, Wendy decided to head outside to relax in the sun as a cat. Frederick then arrived home, and was planning to bail on the party, but with a little convincing from Joanna, he agreed to attend. When Wendy came back inside, she transformed, only to find a shocked Tommy standing there with flowers. She went with the only explanation she could, the truth, and told Tommy she’s a witch. He took it as best he could, but ran out none the same. Wendy was freaked out herself, and ran to Joanna to fill her in on the events. Joanna told her she had to wipe his memory and never see him again, for their safety as well as his own. Wendy wanted to find a way, not wanting to lose him or worse have the spell go awry and hurt him, but Joanna insisted, so Wendy agreed. Frederick made one stop before the party, to meet Tarkoff in the woods. He advised they stop murdering people, and when Tarkoff wasn’t very receptive, Frederick stabbed him in the heart.

               Ingrid stopped by to see Dash. She had been avoiding him since their kiss, still adjusting to the idea of them, but finally wanted to accept his invitation for a date. Dash was excited, until his date from the previous night walked in to ask a question, making Ingrid run out. Dash tried to call to explain, but Ingrid ignored every call and message.

               Killian was spending time with Eva and her grandmother, though her thoughts of him (thank you warlock powers) gave him pause. When he left for work, Eva and her grandmother talked about Freya, and how his love for her was overpowering her spell and she was losing control.

               Freya arrived at her party to find Killian tending bar. The simple making of  a drink turned into a flirtatious conversation leaving Freya perplexed. When Frederick arrived, he had a talk with Killian, who he apparently knew in Asgard. He told Killian that he remembers what he did a long time ago and to stay away from Freya. Killian didn’t heed Frederick’s warning and dragged Freya away to talk. He confessed that he is in love with her, not Eva, saying he doesn’t even remember why he married Eva, revealing that she is a witch as well. Frustrated, Freya told him it was impossible and that they had met in other lives and it didn’t work, and she left. Killian went looking for her, finding her in her backyard. He wanted the truth, so she told him about the curse and his repeated presence in her lives. Finally she told him she loved him, and got up to leave. Killian pulled her back, but she pulled away. She made it a few steps before she turned around and ran into his arms and they kissed. After they slept together, they talked. Freya voiced her concern over their star-crossed fate, but Killian wouldn’t have it, believing this time is different and they will be together. Freya was still worried about Eva, and Killian promised to end it, so he left to see her, but they agreed to meet at the bar later to go away together. Killian returned home to Eva to talk. Shorty after, Eva discussed her plan with her grandmother, and revealed that her grandmother is really her dying daughter. When Killian eventually showed up at the bar, he had a complete change of heart, or was spelled again, and broke Freya’s heart telling her they couldn’t be together.

               Alone for a moment, Ingrid turned around to find Dash there. He wanted to apologize and a shot at being with her. He was able to win her over with his heartfelt confession and they left for his place. The clothes came off quickly, and after they were happy, but it was short lived. Ingrid hadn’t told her family where she was going when she left the party, but her phone died, so she went to e-mail Freya from Dash’s laptop, only to find all the info on the blackmail and the Huttons. Ingrid figured out exactly what Dash has done, and since murder is not ok with her, she left.

               Tommy showed up eventually to talk with Wendy, and he was surprisingly understanding, so Wendy kissed him. He wanted to see what ‘Glinda’ could do, so Wendy took him to the back room and created an illusion of Bali. They walked along the water and made love on the beach, before heading back to the her house. He knew something was up and confronted her. She came clean about having to spell him to keep him safe, but he doesn’t give up that easy. He wanted to make his own choice and it was her, he didn’t care if it was dangerous. Teary-eyed, Wendy decided not to spell him, and they kissed.

               Caroline arrived to give Frederick his present, but their moment of happiness was short lived, when Tarkoff appeared, shocking Frederick. Tarkoff said he is more powerful than Frederick realized and he would never be able to kill him, but he had found a solution to their problem and suggested Caroline as a vessel, upsetting Frederick. He went to catch up with Joanna, while Frederick left with Caroline to continue the party at home. Tarkoff and Joanna talked until they were the last two in the bar. He confessed that he had been in love with her for centuries, but it just didn’t work out and he was happy for her and Victor. At home, Frederick poured drinks, spiking Caroline’s with something. They got into bed and he tied her up, blindfolding her. As he prepared to test her for a vessel, she told him she loved him, startling him a bit. He said he loved her too, and then preceded to carve the symbol into her chest, with Caroline none the wiser thanks to the drug and a numbing agent Frederick used.

               It doesn’t seem like Frederick is too happy to complete the mission. Is it possible he promised his grandfather only to get through the portal and to his family, and now that he is here, he just wants to be with them? He killed the mandragora, and only after Tarkoff showed up did continue with the plan to help his grandfather. Maybe he is a bit conflicted, or that is just my hope. It is about time that someone found out what Dash has been up to, especially what he did to Killian, the question is, how will Killian react? So, finally Killian and Freya were together and there was hope for their future, only to have our hearts, and Freya’s, ripped out shortly after. We just need to wait for Freya to put the pieces together to stop Eva, and possibly a better explanation as to what Eva really is. Does she need to get pregnant to stay young and stay alive? Really? At least Wendy and Tommy are going strong. Now she just needs to persuade Joanna to let them be. Until next week and someone’s untimely death …

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