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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Shadows

               Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ended with the dismantling of an organization we had barely come to know, so it was time to see how the rebuilding was going. We started in the past, 1945 to be exact, and HYDRA was collecting some very interesting things. Until SSR Agent Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos busted in, arresting the HYDRA soldiers and taking possession of their items including an 0-8-4. Flash forward to present day, Agent Isabelle Hartley and her team, Lance Hunter and Idaho, were making a deal with a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent for classified intel on that very same 0-8-4. But a man, impervious to the bullets fired at him, busted in, killing the agent and his backup, and taking the file. May, Skye, and Triplett rushed in as backup, much to Hartley’s chagrin, but they were no match for the man. The group returned to the Playground, where Coulson was waiting for debrief. He had been traveling the globe, gathering allies. May informed him of the gifted killer, but when she showed him photos of the 0-8-4, Coulson immediately made it the prime focus. He had recently read about it in the information Fury had given him, it was the first 0-8-4.

               May sent Hartley, Hunter and Idaho to talk with Coulson, while she and Skye discussed the progress in the lab. Fitz was working with the medal shards Skye found at the scene while Simmons gave him instructions. As they talked it was clear Fitz was having trouble remembering words, an aftereffect of his near drowning at the end of last season. May checked in, and at that moment the shards began to bleed and turned to flesh, which Fitz said could be easily traced. May rushed into Coulson and Hartley’s meeting with an id, Carl Creel, who was supposed to have been crossed off the index years ago, but instead was recruited by Garrett. Coulson went to Skye, who was reviewing the drawings Garrett and a sleep walking Coulson had done (though I doubt she knows of the latter), with orders to talk to Ward. He was locked up nice and tight, though that was no comfort to Skye. She ignored his pleasantries and insisted they only discuss what she wanted (though she did listen as he explained his many suicide attempts and his desire to help). He told her of the communication system HYDRA used and Creel’s special ability to absorb a substance and transform his body into it. He promised the information was true and she left, before he could tell her anything about her father. He was right, and Billy Koenig found a transmission going through, and traced all possible receivers revealing a multitude of HYDRA agents (they have their work cut out for them).

               General Talbot was spending some time with his family when Triplett bumped into him, leaving a cell for Coulson to call. Talbot was furious with Coulson, ignoring his warnings of HYDRA, and broke the phone before calling for reinforcements. Seconds later, Creel attacked him, and though May was there to assist, soldiers moved in quickly, so Skye shot him with a electric pulse of sorts, causing him to collapse to the ground. Talbot was escorted to a nearby vehicle and met by May, while the soldiers captured Creel. Talbot was less than thrilled to be tied up and interrogated by Coulson. Coulson maintained that they were there to protect people and would not be breaking their oath. He pointed out that Talbot’s men were unaware of exactly what they were dealing with, and just brought Creel to exactly where he wanted to be, the location Talbot was keeping everything they confiscated from S.H.I.E.L.D.. Talbot still refused to help, so Coulson left him unconscious in a car. When he awoke, he called in orders, only the call was relayed to Koenig, to track the location of Talbot’s facility. The
team prepped for their mission, though some believed it was a risk not worth taking. They infiltrated the facility, with Coulson using voice changing tech to bark orders as Talbot and get them in (one of the great moments of the episode). In the warehouse, the search began, with Hartley being the lucky, or unlucky, one to find the artifact, because right when she found the box and opened it, she was attacked by Creel. Foolishly, she picked up the obelisk and it immediately transformed her hand into dead matter, and continued to spread. As the alarms were sounding, Creel took off, but Coulson ordered them to stay on point. Hunter was done, and he rushed Hartley to Idaho and a waiting SUV, while May, Triplett and Skye ran for a jet with cloaking ability. Triplett and Skye took off in the jet, while May rode off on a motorcycle. Isabelle knew her only hope, so she instructed Hunter to cut off her arm that could not release the artifact. Her chance for survival was destroyed when Creel appeared in the middle of the road and flipped the SUV, killing Idaho and Hartley. Hunter pretended to be dead as Creel took the artifact from amongst the wreckage.

               Coulson explained his risk taking to Koenig and new edition Mac, revealing his lack of hope in Fitz’s recovery, and Simmons decision to leave months earlier. Fitz had been hallucinating Simmons, and simply talking to himself, her departure breaking him. Creel had relayed his escape with the obelisk to HYDRA, including Daniel Whitehall, one of the HYDRA agents Peggy Carter arrested back in 1945 (and no, he hasn’t aged a day).

               I was shocked at Hartley only lasting one episode, but it was definitely action packed. A moment between Hunter and Skye showed the possibility of a closer relationship in the future; I do hope he sticks around. Fitz’s current state is very tragic, and I wonder how he will be going forward. The appearance of Agent Carter and the Howling Commandos was fantastic, though brief, and I can’t wait for the Agent Carter premiere (especially now that Dominic Cooper is set to return as Howard Stark). Ward is intriguing as a defeated villain, and though Coulson and his team can’t figure out his motivations, I suspect he is still in love with Skye and will do anything to help her. I know she wants nothing to do with him, but I wish she would please give him a chance, at least so he can let us in on the secrets about her father (if only she knew, she might listen). Until tonight …

Sleepy Hollow: This is War

               Sleepy Hollow was back and I was excited to see how everyone got out of their perilous situations. It picked up where it left off, Ichabod in the dark calling for Abbie, but when the lights came on, he was in the cabin, not the coffin Henry left him in, and it was a year later. As the fury in me began to rise over skipping a year ahead, Abbie was trying to celebrate Ichabod’s birthday, but he couldn’t forget what had transpired over the past year. Their discussion revealed that Jenny and Katrina are dead, victims of Headless himself. A call interrupted the talk, a Benjamin Franklin scholar wanted their help, so off they went. Unfortunately Headless got there first and the scholar and an officer were dead. But thanks to Ichabod’s time as Franklin’s apprentice, he knows a few tricks of the trade and discovered some files in a hidden compartment in the desk. They were about the key, the same one from Franklin’s key and kite experiment, which was more than it seemed, because it is the key to purgatory, breaking the soul for a soul rule. They headed to check in with captured prisoner Henry, but after getting no information from him, Ichabod began to wonder how they captured Henry in the first place (I knew it wasn’t just me). Unfortunately his doubt came after Abbie revealed her sister might know the key’s location and Henry broke the illusion he had created, having the information he needed. Abbie was pulled back to purgatory, while Ichabod resumed his place in the buried box, and Henry headed for Jenny, who is alive, but being held. She wouldn’t tell him anything, but one touch to her head allowed Henry to see a sketchbook detailing the key’s location in code. All he needed to do now was decipher it.

               Katrina was tied up, a prisoner of her former love. She tried to escape to no avail, and much to the displeasure of her captor who appeared to have more of a romantic interest in her than an evil one. After he placed a magical pendant on her, she was able to see him as he once was, head and all. He promised her that in time she would come to accept her new life, and Ichabod would be dead soon.

               Modern technology offered Ichabod no assistance in escaping, but once he realized the dirt around the box contained sulfur, he fashioned an explosion to blow it wide open (“hear, hear, for fire and brimstone”). Finally free, he tried to reach Jenny, who had beaten her guard and cut off her restraints. She texted him her location at a nearby warehouse, and began shooting her way out as he busted in with their getaway vehicle, though he needs to learn how to reverse. Together they reviewed the pages of the sketchbook at the archives. Luckily, Ichabod was able to translate the text written in Franklin’s alphabet, his apprenticeship being very useful. Franklin only trusted the key with himself, but since he wasn’t buried in Sleepy Hollow, Jenny only had one idea of where to look.

               Back in purgatory Abbie was hiding from Moloch, with the help of Andy. She needed to get in touch with Ichabod, so Andy led her to Moloch’s lair. It contained a mirror that allowed communication to the outside world, as it had allowed Katrina to reach them in the past. With Moloch out, Abbie made her way inside, recited the incantation and was able to see Ichabod. She informed him of Moloch’s plan to raise an army from the souls and use the key to take the fight to the world. Worried of the risk of Moloch loose on earth, Abbie begged Ichabod to leave her behind, but he reminded her that the risk would be in leaving her there and he would be coming for her.

               Henry’s men had already made their way to the Franklin statue, but as Ichabod and Jenny spied, they did not find the key. Then Ichabod remembered Franklin telling him “the key to success lies under the alarm clock,” and they found a brick marked with his initials under the clock tower, behind which they found the key. Abbie was searching purgatory for Katrina’s medallion, when she bumped into Ichabod, who offered her a drink. Just as she was about to take a sip, the real Ichabod shouted at her to stop. Abbie was knocked over and they began to fight. In the confusion, Abbie lost track of who was who, and when one came towards her, key in hand, they ran off together to get out. But seconds later, she took a sword and beheaded him as the real Ichabod came running. He had referred to her as ‘lieutenant’ not ‘leftenant,’ so she knew the truth. Moloch was raising the dead, so they ran for the exit. They unlocked the gate and ran through as they could see Moloch racing toward them. The gate closed and the key disintegrated so it could never be used again. The Mills sisters were reunited and it was time to take a breath. But that doesn’t mean they were not preparing for war. And war was preparing for them as Moloch gave Henry the Horseman of War’s battle suit to command.

               I have loved all of Ichabod’s opinions of our founding fathers and Benjamin Franklin was no exception. His disdain for Franklin was hysterical and the flashback scenes just added to it. And if you didn’t love Ichabod for his comedic stylings, his reunion with Abbie, promising to come and rescue her, should have melted your heart and have you fall head over heels (unless that was just me). Their bond is one of the things that make this show so great, and I can’t wait to see what happens now that they are reunited. War is coming, but I have no doubt they are ready to fight.

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